The Bikin' Fools



A New Dawn


It is at the darkest hour when thoughts turn to oblivion, despair and hopelessness. However, that very moment when things seem most grim and life has little optimism, is when a subtle shift in direction occurs. It seems paradoxical, but the dimmest hour is the basis for hope. It is at that moment when the direction begins to shift. The descent to the bowels of hell has reached its limit. Though painful and discomforting, the darkness is followed by light. One must stay in touch with this ebb and flow of life to get through the technical sections of living.

The wet and cloudy winter has given way to blue sky and sunshine. It may not last long, but this respite recharges the sensory strunods and allows the spirit to bask in a sense of well-being. It is important to capitalize upon this moment and prepare the mind, body and spirit for the next episode of ‘blues’. It takes only a few days of funky weather to trigger the passage to depression. For many who live on the edge of disaster, any one item on the agenda can precipitate a cascading of events that leave the struggling soul mired in feelings that do not encourage living.

It is this time of year, when crummy conditions exist, it is a victory to simply get the bike out. Any ride under duress will yield even greater bennies than those fair weather days when living seems easy. Make hay while the sun shines. When it doesn’t, take comfort in knowing that it will shine again. It will provide the energy, the light and the motivation to do what you need. Waiting is an underrated skill. Use it to bypass the things not desirable. Wait until the moment is right, then pounce with abandon. The universe will do the rest.