A quiet Affair


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Miss Swift eagerly awaits the opportunity to romp in the boonies

The September moonride was lightly attended. Four riders plus Miss Swift made the roll call to attend the Moon's September offering. Michel was back from his globe trotting and not yet totally immersed in his duties as God to the innocent, French speaking youngsters that unsuspecting parents put in his charge. Jim would lead the small group across the serenely beautiful hills of the KVR. Mike and Eric made up the rest of the quartet.

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Jim rockets down the short boonie thrash section

The ride started innocently enough. However, right off the bat the group decided to not scale the gate across the street from Joe's place. This move required a short slip and slide down a steep bank, a short river crossing and a few steps through the dried grass that likes to attach those pesky foxtails to one's socks. The river crossing was easy considering the time of year. This same river was a major effort six months previous.

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Mike and Michel ponder the approaching moonscene

The ride proceeded to climb into the woods. For the next hour the four would quietly and pleasantly gain altitude. Eventually the ranch road exited the woods and traveled into the open, grassy areas that populate the high hills that overlook a large portion of Northern California. There would be no fog. The sky was clear and bright.

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Jim navigates the smooth easy road


At the top of the terrain, a discussion occurred as to which way to proceed. Several possibilities existed. The consensus was to travel to the highest point and take a break. From that vantage point the whole effort made sense. The soft light of the not-yet-full moon cast an easy, pleasant glow all around. The visibility was good and the navigating was simple. The ranch road was in perfect condition.

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Jim points out the Sasquatch habitat

Suddenly and very unexpectedly, several loud explosions could be heard in the distant valley. A moment of confusion reigned. Then it was realized that the reports belonged to the Labor Day celebration at the Calistoga Fairgrounds. Shortly after, the roar of big-bore, high horsepower sprint cars drifted across the landscape even though they were many miles away. It was in stark contrast to the calm peace of the remote, wild area where the Lunatistas experienced a quiet joy in the special arena of the moon.

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Sasquatch taking off on Jim's bike

The descent part of the ride was amazingly easy. The ranch road refused to offer any surprises even in the woods where darkness prevailed. It took a short period of time to cruise back into the valley. The woods were dark, mysterious and intriguing. Occasionally a critter could be heard scurrying through the dry leaves. All too soon the four were back. The ride was short of epic, but it did not lack the quality that comes with the gracious lady of the night. The four were blessed with this modest outing into the realm of another world, a place where life contacts joy.