The Bikin' Fools

Agent AJM reports from Bikin' Fools northern outpost


First official moon ride on north shore territory a complete success!
I have done two previous rides in solo fashion, but last night at aroudn
10:30 two riders headed up the infamous ficklehill above arcata. The cloud
cover provided an ambient light that permiated down through the redwood
groves and gave a soft illumination to the trail. Being mostly groomed
fireroad the ride is smooth with a variety of slopes. Steep up downs and
great cruising all around. An hour or so into the ride the moon decided to
push out the wetahery soup fog and cast illuminating beams of white wonder
down throught the forest structure. Visibility was incredible, shadows
were bold. The two riders completed about eight miles or loops and trails
within the community forest with only one of the riders encountering a
puddle of substaintial size. Warm tea comforted the souls during rest
breaks and offerings to the gods consisted of holy moke, and numerous
howls and chants to the luminescent forest world. The park was void of
human travelers except the riders of the night. The ride finished by
dropping down on to campus and dashing under the various streetlight in a
wild mission of campus assualt. Large staircases were dropped a speed. One
rider executing bold manuvers of flight were the cyclist would approach
the steep bank of stairs, that provide connection between elevation
differneces of ten-fifteen feet, physically jump almost all the way to the
bottom and gracefully plant the burly front suspension into the steps and
transfer in a sweeping motion the bicycle down to the next level. It was
fast it was furious it was fantastically delightful. at 1:30 or so the
riders retired to the home front, and turned in for the evening. Needless
to say the communtiy forest and HSU campus will never appear the same to
the lunatic night riders, Auriah and Dustin ever again...
-Currently seeking more riders....and breaks in the weather...
-And some nice fenders!
-Later bro....