Austin’s B-Day Extravaganza

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Austin sets the pace for a day of bikin' fun

Twenty six years ago, high above the Owens Valley at the base of Lone Pine Peak, Austin entered into the world. A quarter century later Austin would lead a group of Bikin’ Fools, including Dad up the Oat Hill and celebrate. The ride was announced to be a Brew-Pub to Brew-Pub event. The two pubs selected were the; Calistoga Inn, and the Calistoga Inn.

Shawn, Morgan, Eric, and Cirrus would join Austin at the Cali-Inn for a pre-ride tune up. The five drank a selection of electrolyte enhancers, then purchased a beer cube. The day was hot as they headed up the trail. The ride was planned to be a Palisades event. The five would take the entire afternoon to climb the big hill, cross the open area and descend back to civilization.

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Beer cube with ice makes the trek

Azul and Miss Swift accompanied the group. Despite the heat the dogs would have a great, fun time. Miss Swift took advantage of a Clif bar late in the ride to finish unusually strong. The heat caused sweating among the riders, which required massive fluid intake. The icy, cold beer cube took repeated hits and barely made it to the top of the hill.

The riders crossed the Palisades trail well tuned. The trail offers scintillating views of the Napa Valley. It also provides a massive amount of technical challenges as the path was designed specifically for hiking. Many steps, steep drops and sketchy ledges challenge the biker to stay alive.

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Riders cross the distant hillside

Once across the face of the Palisades the riders dropped Palisades road and ripped at warp speed down the steep jeep road. Stones and debris flew as the wild boys tore up the passage. It slowed only when Shawn flatted at the lower creek crossing. It was an excuse to stop, tarry and enjoy the great fun ride.

The day had a flavor of vacation. It was a day to celebrate the truly important aspects of this living; life itself and the attendant joy associated with great friends, family, and great adventure.

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Sunset section of the Oat


The finish was dinner at the Calistoga Inn. Danny, perhaps the greatest bartender ever, skillfully serviced a raging group of happy campers. The entire day was fun, the ride was epic and the finish was classic. Happy B-day, Austin, thanks for all the great gifts.

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Aye, Laddie may ye have many more