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AZUL, Australian shepherd

---ad astra per aspera

Azul, bright friend

and dogged guardian

of my blazing son,

I bless you.

O kimosabe, riding a raft

through cat-5 rapids,

zinging down a zip line,

swimming long waters in pursuit

of your master;

bailing down mountains

in a sea of fresh powder;

running with coyotes,

laughing with red heads.

Sterling companion,

ready confessor;

canis major, shepherd of stars,

who saved my son more often

than angels;

who sailed through years

at the prow of adventure;

who bore thorns and wind,

ticks and wounds,

heat and ice

as though gifts to be carried

through the thick of life:

You lived until you died---

and even then your eyes

upon my boy

sought the nod, the okay:

the Amen.

O, friend---no more than a creature,

no less than God’s breath---

how I have loved you.

Good bye.


A poem by my mama, Stella Robbins. post it if you like...Lucy