The Bikin' Fools



The Balance Wheel

"I think Eric was born without a balance wheel." Uncle Chas stated with his usual air of authority. (Authority; n. the power to command, determine, influence or judge. An accepted source of definitive information...)

I think Chas was right, insulting as the notion may be. From his point of view, anyone who didn’t comb his hair perfectly, shave every day and be early at the office was suspect. He had great fear of those who may stray from the corporate line. His soul was completely corrupted by the material order, by the phony and utterly destructive concept that "Whatever is good for General Motors is good for America." Slave labor is the first good thing. Then having management willing to act as guards at Auschwitz helps, then finally convincing the populace that the Chevy carries more life than one’s brother. (Given the generous size of early Chevy back seats on prom night, there is some argument for the point here.)

For the Gypsies, artists and those of great vision, the corporate way is antithetical to life. It is a cheesy, artificial system designed only for the benefit of a few at the top. Make no mistake about it, the top runs the show. The notion of democracy has long since faded into the gold rush where the gate keepers dam up the bulk of the wealth, then allow just enough trickle to keep the masses from rioting. It is amazing how tranquil a good citizen will act if given (allowed to buy) an SUV. It is a bad system run by thieves who run roughshod over simple and innocent people. To be well adjusted to this system is suspect.

Meanwhile life goes on and one must do something. As bad as the system is, it is the only system forcing all to participate on one level or another. Some people simply can’t handle the cruelty of the system and end up homeless, friendless and destitute. Please don’t ever assume that there is compassion in our system. It is unconditionally heartless. The phrase; "Don’t take it personally, it’s only business." says it all. Your entire life may have just gone down the tubes, but don’t worry, it’s only business.

One of the dilemmas of this life is to figure out where the value is. What is truly meaningful about this time in which we live? With the proliferation of material goods, the social realm has all but vanished. People now spend their time completely duped by the worst drug ever invented: Television. Although the medium carries wonderful potential to enlighten the masses, its use is solely for the purpose of controlling the minds of the masses. It has not brought a better world, it has brought us couch potatoes who have grown fat on the lies and deception offered up as news and entertainment. It has been discovered that a person watching TV burns less calories than one doing nothing. In essence, TV draws life out of people instead adding to and being an interesting adjunct to this varied and complex life.

So many of us are left trying to get a handle, any handle on meaning and on real joy. It is there. It is so covered with material funk that it is hard see. Yet, there exists at least one avenue that helps clear the skies, open stuck doors of consciousness and frees the spirit to dwell, at least briefly, in the glory of being poignantly alive. The bicycle can act as a tool to get one’s energies elevated. It only takes the gumption to get out and do it. It is sometimes awfully hard, but always rewarding. The positive aspects of the ride will carry forth into the rest of your living. Hopefully you will see the light beyond the cloudy skies and live life happily with awareness of all that is wrong, but strengthened, not weakened by your insight.