The Sacrament


The subject of the sacrament has been a lively debate. On one hand there are those who feel that any substance that causes a change of presence is a detractor from the connection with the Divine. On the other hand people have had the experience of a greater communion with the entire universe, assisted by psychotropic substances. The Church does not take a position as to promoting one sacrament over any other. What is recognized is that all sentient beings have a facet of their lives that is Divine. How this is celebrated is entirely up to the individual, his place on his path and his relationship to the Great Spirit.

Marley 4:20: "The Herb will free your mind. Be one with JA. Love and compassion open with the flower. The sweet smoke frees the spirit and opens the heart."

Herbal Manifesto:

" God has made available on earth many things. Among those given to man are a variety of plants and herbs that directly enhance the lens of perception. It is important to be able to see many different views of this world. The sacred herb safely carries one to the quietude and joyful realm of the Blessed Unity."

The ultimate state of well being does not depend on any substance. Man’s joy is available in the natural state of being. All influences do not alter the seed of Light (or the Sacred or whatever you choose to call it). It is a complex and confusing world in which we live. Tools become necessary for some to stay in touch with the Divine. Many attempt to connect with the Great Spirit in structured corporate halls (mainstream churches). Others find solace and peace in the natural world.

With centuries of programming to be elsewhere than here and to be in future or past thought rather than now, one may never find the way to the golden light of the blessed here and now. It is in this moment that all life occurs. All else is an illusion. It is a fabrication of the imagination. The past and the future are not real. Only this very moment and this very place are truly alive. Any substance or experience that delivers one to the here/now is a valid porter of goodness.

How one arrives at this space, this vibrant, alive moment is entirely optional. What is critically important to the journey of any soul is that they experience the sense of being poignantly, brilliantly alive basking in joy, love and the benediction of the Divine. This blessed state is beyond the confines of city hall, the TV set and all of the confusion that fragments our lives. For it is in this realm of the present that truth and awareness arise.

Mountain biking offers a unique combination of ingredients that usher the user towards that state of the beyond. The blending of exercise, outdoor activity, and bicycling lead the bike yogi to the threshold of the extraordinary. It may only be brief snippets, but most all mountain bikers at some point, on some ride have had the feeling of Eureka! I’m THERE (Here). For at a least a fleeting instant, the biker becomes one with the universe…

So why bother with the Herb? This question can only be answered by each individual. All circumstances are different. In this day and age of hysteria surrounding the use of "mind altering" substances, there exists a huge propaganda campaign against any psychedelic substance. The roots of these prohibitions stem from the effort by the few to control the masses. When people are free, they cannot be dominated. Many natural mind altering compounds exist in the world to help free the individual from the constraints of domination by the greedy, unenlightened few.

Compounding the struggle to make progress on the pilgrim’s path is the fact that the Western man (includes women) have been controlled for many millennia (thousands of years) by pinheads whose only claim to power is power:  "To stand against the king is to invite death." Christopher Cannabinol 1492, nephew of Columbus as he stepped aboard the H.M.S. Sinsemilla and followed his uncle to Jamaica where he spent the rest of his life.

It is the policy of the Bikin' Fools to not endorse or condemn any lifestyle that does not adversely affect one’s neighbor. We all share the same struggles with this life. For those whose lives seem easy, there typically exists a vacuum of higher purpose. For those who have seen the light with the assistance of God’s gifts, they can be harangued, tormented and not honored as full-fledged citizens. Their rights can be stripped vis--vis the drug war and they are condemned to lives burdened with government meddling. Beyond the laws, many have found very worthwhile moments and genuine inspiration in the sunshine of the greater truths found with the gracious assistance of naturally occurring elements.

In conclusion it is the position of the Bikin' Fools that any and all routes to the Great Spirit are valid. Whether one chooses to use a sacrament or not is of little import. Of great importance is that we all live together in a sustainable fashion on this blue/green spinning Garden of Eden that sustains all life. It is terrifically important that we begin to see that we are all connected. In the arena of the mountain bike experience and (or) the substance experience, one has a wonderful chance to see the coherence of all life. Mountain bikes and marijuana share this strange connection: They are both portals to the Great Spirit.