The Bikin Fools Kinetic Sculpture Unity Tour


Night rocket.jpg (359094 bytes)

Red Rocket #53 streaks towards a rendezvous with Glory


Booster truck.jpg (491491 bytes)

Booster unit headed to the launch pad

Launch prep.jpg (555668 bytes)

Space unit prepares for launch


Bounce for Glory.jpg (866099 bytes)

Bounce for Glory will do just that

Fifi on a stick.jpg (742529 bytes)

Fifi on a stick just won't die

Flash Gourdn.jpg (571589 bytes)

Flash Gourdn penetrates the crowd

Hobart applause.jpg (517641 bytes)

Hobart arrives

Lunch II.jpg (1044887 bytes)

Space team at lunch

Sand start.jpg (1144278 bytes)

Rocket and booster head to the beach

Hampster drive.jpg (732970 bytes)

Hamster drive™ moves the rocket forward

KU7 sand.jpg (1104798 bytes)

Womprat cruisin' the dunes

Fifi beach party.jpg (567254 bytes)

Fifi: No stranger to a party

Brain power ocean.jpg (396582 bytes)

Brain Power next to the primordial soup from which it came

Go Pardi Gras.jpg (759659 bytes)

Pardi Gras girls show their talent

Road work.jpg (587667 bytes)

Rocket streaks down the road

Campsite.jpg (662833 bytes)

Campers settle in for a night of fun and abandon

Unicycle Guy.jpg (267436 bytes)

Unicycle guy negotiates joy on a log

Scaredy cat beach.jpg (375537 bytes)

Scaredy cat happy in giant litter box

Rocket's red glare.jpg (392223 bytes)

Rocket glows red from atmospheric re-entry

Happy couple.jpg (409814 bytes)

Happy couple

Fireworks.jpg (277503 bytes)

Premier fireworks light up the night

Miracle fix.jpg (751816 bytes)

Miracle float modification

Pre launch.jpg (626056 bytes)

Rocket and booster prepare for Eel river crossing

Linz swim.jpg (476261 bytes)


Retreat.jpg (627961 bytes)

Booster unit retreats

Booster tow.jpg (750339 bytes)

Destructive testing for float wheels

Moonshot.jpg (758572 bytes)

The Rocket takes advantage of the Moons gravitational push

Kidney bean award.jpg (382701 bytes)

Bikin' Fools take home another award