Celia’s Tam Delight


It is often hard to rally riders for a weekday ride. However, Celia managed to provide the impetus for five riding rascals to romp relentlessly across the flanks of the sleeping princess. There were so many violations of the status quo, the Goddess in charge could only say; “What the heck, go for it!” Poaching trails on Tam is similar to elicit sex: It is exciting, thrilling and carries a big penalty if caught.

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Troopers gear up for adventure

Amy was clearly the trooper for the day. She had several huge reasons for not participating, in addition to forgetting her shoes. Pete waved a magic wand and had Amy in shoes and pedals. Eric S. and Celia arrived at the Java Hut eager to head up the mountain. The ride had originally been planned for Tuesday, but the biggest storm of the winter caused many to change plans. On this day, not one cloud would be seen even from the top of the majestic mountain.

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Maggie; "Any time, Boss, I'm ready"

No ride is complete without a dog. Maggie was so ready. She seemed barely in contact with the ground as the riders just couldn’t get ready fast enough. The group headed past the school, but not before Maggie spent a little extra energy and fur setting the canine world straight. Once that was settled the group set in for the long, 2500 foot climb up the jeep roads to the peak.

This was a first for Eric (A.D.) The spectacular views unfolded in the serenely beautiful day. No fog was anywhere on the ocean. The Sierra’s were just visible to the east. San Francisco shined, clean from the recent rains. The crew took an extended break at the top for munchies. Ravens plied the sky where no park rangers issue tickets. Their joy of movement and flight is obvious and enviable.

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La Luna watches over the Sleeping Princess

Then the long descent began. Time entered a worm hole. The occasional “No Bikes” signs seemed as appropriate as a “No Flying” sign for the ravens. Both bikers and ravens were in contact with a source of joy and energy that just can’t be ticketed. Pete lead the way, which is why he was only seen at stops. No one, except Maggie could match his deftness downhill. Celia and Eric S. grinned big. Even Amy, despite just learning of tragedy in the family, could be seen glowing.

The trails through the woods were generous in scope and detail. Everything God invented for mt. bikes was on these paths. From smooth, high speed ripping to technical, over-the-bars material was generously applied to the entire mountain. As if that weren’t enough, serene babbling brooks and streams occasionally added soothing white noise.

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What Bicycle?

Due to the proximity of the solstice, the day would be short. This influenced the choice of routes. There was not enough time to explore the many, many delightful possibilities. The group descended a jeep road for a mile or so before entering the forest again.

Somewhere near a lake, A.D.’s chain gave up. The aging drive train selected a uniquely beautiful place in the woods for the stoppage. It was one of several mechanicals. Amy, in keeping with her disastrous day, had a stick in the derailleur. After she fixed that, Amy found herself at a junction with no indication as to which way the contingent had gone. Once back in the fold, the group shredded down through the fun-park, occasionally redoing technical challenges.

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Divining session for John Muir

Near the bottom, Eric S. flatted. He walked the rest of that trail to a bike safe zone to do the fix. All that was left was a dash down one more delightful single track The group rolled past the school and onto pavement once again. It was Cirque Du Celia on the way to the brewpub. She wowed onlookers with huge bunny hops, one handed riding and a phenomenal trick of holding her body horizontal above the bike while dodging traffic along the way. Did she really do that?

The Iron Springs Brewpub handily accommodated the spent bikers. The day was so refreshing that the effort seemed minimal. The food and beer covered the bases. Fortunately on this day, the money would go to a great cause (beer and food) and not to the bureaus that would have ravens walking. What a delight!