The Bikin' Fools




Well it turns out that the concept of being in the center works not only for bicycling but for life as well. On the mt. bike, one can ride through incredibly difficult, technical sections by doing no more than focusing on staying balanced. Forget your line for the moment and concentrate on staying upright. Once some sense of being in balance returns then one can think about navigating. Akin to pilot’s emergency phrase; "aviate, navigate, communicate", the cyclist’s endeavor (the results being not as likely to create as much catastrophe) is none the less similar. When in trouble, one must first concentrate on staying upright, (aviate) then staying on the trail (navigate) and finally laughing (communicating)at the challenge whether from the ground or upright beyond the obstacle.

If you find yourself shouting out expletives, this indicates work to be done. Although the belting out of obnoxious words underlines a certain level of enthusiasm, it is ultimately destructive to the environment; your environment. One needs to channel such enthusiasm towards a more positive action. This is not easy. The feelings arise of their own accord. They seem disconnected with reason and sense. They are the product of hard work, training, concentration and all of the frustrations that one carries from the ‘civilized world’ to the mt. bikin’ trail. It is hard to revel in our success without being frustrated by our failures.

In finding the middle, one discovers a deeper joy and satisfaction that transcends not only the failures, but also the successes and showers benediction upon the biker. This ability to stay centered is a useful tool in dealing with the rest of our lives. So much of our energy, thinking and lives are pulled constantly one way or another. It becomes very, very difficult to stay balanced, to stay on course and to indulge in communication that is truly relevant. Most of the world engages in chatter that is reactionary and not creative. Use your creativity on the bike and in life.

Aviate, navigate and communicate.