The Bikin' Fools



Cross Training

Things of value often seem to come with a price tag. In the case of snow boarding, several financial hurdles need to be cleared before one can shred down the wintry mountainside. Equipment, transportation and the lift ticket have to be covered. This adds up, especially for the majority of people who struggle to make the basic ends meet. However, once the individual finds him/herself standing on the mountaintop, the benediction of the sport floods the senses.

Sensual floodation is the goal. The shortcut to bliss is sought by most. It is in our makeup to feel good. That’s basic. How we get there is the question. Some avenues provide the good feelings, but leave the participant in bad shape when its all over. (alcohol). With extreme sports one finds the opportunity to be so involved with the situation at hand that the rest of life slips into the background. In those moments of great intensity so much focus is required that the mind shuts down all unnecessary operations. The rent, the phone bill and all of the attendant responsibilities take a back seat to the action at hand.

As Mike Johnson disappeared downhill in a contrail of flying snow, one had the distinct impression that he wasn’t concerned with the infrastructure of his life at that particular moment. Serious injury and even death were more important topics. For whatever strange reason, the body seems to like movement across the ground, whether it be on a mountain bike, jogging or on the snow. This was the first snow outing for the Dr. this season. As the day wore on, the lines and wrinkles of worry and concern slowly melted, leaving his face calm and serene by the end of the day.

All of the attendants for this event had a similar experience. The sport is so dynamic that it overrules other considerations. Jake, Auriah and myself also contacted the ‘zone’. For a brief time we all played with abandon and found the spirit that sustains this life. It is not the work and drudgery that we have been programmed to belief is important, but the snippets of escape and play that provide the foundation for pressing forward with the mundane.

Now back from the slopes, the mountain bike moves back to the forefront as the vehicle to provide the avenue to well being. It is the icing on the cake when one can find the motivation to get out and rise above the cloudiness of life.