Day fifteen


This was to be our last day in Nebraska. Although the scenery wouldn’t change much, it was a significant event to cross the Missouri River. It took much of the day to pedal from Wayne to Sioux City. When we finally crossed the massive river, we felt that we were on our way. We had pedaled nearly seven hundred miles, which at the time, we figured to be nearly half way.

We pedaled to the downtown area looking for a brew pub. It was hard to get used to the idea that we were no longer on the West Coast where such establishments are found in even small, rural towns. Sioux City would not accommodate our desire for a cold beer. We continued through town. The neighborhoods were never inspiring and degenerated into scenes that we didn’t want to be part of. We found an old Safeway, renamed Fareway, purchased our dinner items and beer and departed for the countryside. We had hoped to find a campground that was reported to be somewhere on Correction Road. We never found any such place and finally with darkness drawing upon our day, simply took refuge just off the highway, in tall grass and brush. We were completely out of sight in a pleasant, nest-like setting. Tired, but happy we ate out dinner of potato salad with tapioca pudding for desert.