Day Seventeen


Storm Lake is a resort town. When we awoke the next morning, we felt wasted and tired. We decided early on that it would be a great day to take a break. We quickly decided to go nowhere. We would have to pay double again for tenting, but it wasn’t an overwhelming amount. Despite the unruly kids next door, we decided to take a rest day and do very little. Among the things that we did do was ride into town and check things out. One very cool item was the local bike shop. It sported dozens of antique bikes. There was a side-by-side two seater. It was amazing to find such a treasure in this remote part of the world.

We also checked out the display of a wind turbine blade. It was nearly ninety feet long. Three of these massive blades power each generator. In this part of the country the wind blows frequently making the power plants a viable and clean source of energy. We lounged around for the day. We did some reading and sent post cards. It was a delight to do no pedaling. Our bodies needed a rest. We finished the day with a Thai dinner and a movie.