Dr. J's B-Day

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Bella Donna Plus!


Thursday evenings have been for many years the time for the bikin’ fools and others to gather to whittle away on the project boat named; Bella Donna. It is a 40’s vintage fishing trawler that is being remade into a grand party launch, finely finished in gorgeous rare wood and to be fitted with luxury party accoutrements. This day also coincided with Dr. J’s birthday and the full moon. It was an automatic party.

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Revelers dive into the cake

Many friends and four other riders gathered to feast on pizza, salad, beer and more beer. There had been talk about doing the casino loop. This was an unknown commodity. However as the suds gained traction in the room, a couple of other options sloshed across the table. Finally consensus arrived in the plan of the 420 trail. It is a perennial favorite, not too long and not too far from home.

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By day the fall colors enhance the 420 trail

The five takers, Shawn, Lindsey, Kevin, Mike and Eric loaded into the van and drove to Robert Lewis Stevenson State Park. There was no effort to clean anything. It was way too casual. It was also one of the nicest evenings known to the universe. The temperature was delightfully mild, there was little wind and the moon was magnificent. She towered high in her winter’s realm, beaming brightly to the jaded crew making steerage towards the boondocks.

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B-Day boy heads into the night

There were an abundance of safety breaks along the way. In fact several times when one slipped and stalled, someone else suggested a break. Extra time could be used, the 420 trail lasts about as long as a pinner at a Reggae concert. The first real break happened at the top rocks. This point allows an eagle eye view of the Napa Valley. The trail then begins the technical drop to Stonehenge then on to the Giant Steps before turning towards Table Rock and the Path of Destruction.

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Dr. J and Downhill Kev stare into space

The Forward Navigation Specialist identified the turn. Kev was in the process of mobbing down the first challenging drop when his seat bolt decided it was over. He would spend the rest of the night standing. The group was in for a mild surprise when the old service trail was discovered to have been recently bull dozed. It appears to be an ecologic disaster when the next rain hits, but it made for relatively easy riding where it was once very difficult.

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Shawn and Fuzzy Duds™ in full Halloween mode

There is a house at the bottom of the trail. As expected the lights were on and, likely, the residents were watching TV. What wasn’t expected was the flock of sheep going nuts, and the two new fences that had to be quickly crossed before the startled Shepard came out, guns a-blazing. It didn’t happen. The evening had been entirely too mellow. Even the three horses that watched the whole episode didn’t seem to mind.

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Lindsey "En Fuego" lights up the night

After a quick but pleasant dash down the Old Toll Road, the bikers reconvened at the shop for the after ride electrolyte therapy. It was a simple ride. All of the participants would be in bed well before La Luna was done with the night. She carried the troops in good stead and delivered a special birthday present for the lunatistas. It was a serene sortie into the realm of her extraordinary presence. The bikin’ fools were once again gifted by the gracious lady of the night.

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