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Far From Peace


As the pentagon hoards more and more of our precious resources, the quality of our living descends at the same rate as the military budget increases. It is a direct connection, yet one that is not realized by very many, it seems. It is an oxymoron to think that militarizing the world is going to bring peace. Two possible conclusions can be drawn from this race towards oblivion. Either the American populace is horrifically uninformed or they want this terror to continue and escalate.

I’m beginning to think that the goons in office currently are the equivalent of the mindset that lemmings have. They are blindly leading this world off the precipice and into the sea of doom. This country seems to be filled with the idiotic belief that all of this warring will result in any kind of peace. It doesn’t work that way, unfortunately.

The amount of resources that are being spoon-fed to a handful of defense contractors is money stolen from the ‘well fare’ of the population at large. While millions struggle with the most simple struggle of keeping food on the table and a roof overhead, the fat cats at the pentagon call for more and more destruction. If there were a link to countering terrorism, one could make a case for this immoral squandering of our common resources. But the sad fact is that our beloved pentagon and all of the people that support this vile institution are the terrorists. Lindsey will regard this statement as blasphemous, yet it remains as the irrefutable truth. Our bombs, our weapons, our actions create more harm, more injury, more homelessness, more fright, more panic and more utter despair than any other group of people on earth.

Our policies worldwide are not designed to bring peace. It is laughable to consider such. Our policies are designed for other purposes: To line the pockets of the defense contractors and secure the world for greedy, obese U.S. consumption. Americans are truly lost. The following situation is a case in point:

A person I know recently purchased a new car. Her old one, though inappropriate for her needs (SUV) worked just fine and likely had many years of service left in its life. However, like so many Americans, there has been a giant disconnect between what items in this life bring lasting value and what items simply drag the participant into financial demise, creating more stress, unhappiness and divorce. The notion that a bigger, newer SUV will deliver any human value is simply a lie, a vicious lie promulgated by the avaricious auto industry who long ago convinced the public that the auto is not merely transportation, but a part of your person-hood. This lie has been swallowed hook, line and sinker by people who desperately struggle to find meaning in life. Instead they find themselves stretched financially, with more problems and further from the understanding of what makes this life worthwhile. Add children to the mix and presto; the classic American disaster.

The sense that our lives can be enhanced by something ‘out there’ is sketchy at best. What needs to occur is a giant shift from the material to the social realm. All of our groovy toys have certain value, but they do not replace our social roots. Those roots have long been ignored. The rush to war proves that. We do not honor life, we honor our things. I.E. It is a prescription for disaster. When people wake up and are able to put the cool material items in their proper place, elevate consciousness to a more sustainable level, we might be able to turn the tide and begin to experience real joy and real security. We are on a collision course with a questionable destiny. We have polluted the world to the brink of collapse, and we have polluted the human environment to the point of war. This is not my idea of a brilliant strategy for the furtherance of this human experiment.

The tragedy of this ‘modern’ living is that we have created wonderful systems for our physical well being but have ignored our interior wellness. The confluence of both worlds will bring peace and prosperity. Until then (now), we must resist aggression and power mongering by our government and promote peace within and begin to care for our neighbors. If our military industrial complex would export tractors and Peace Corps instead of weapons and armies, the perception of terrorism would end and peace would settle upon the human experience.

There has been warring for several thousand years. This flaw in the human genome is not new. Each generation has the opportunity to change this malady. Each person has the opportunity to change. Deep within our spirits, we all share common ground.

The metaphor for common ground isn’t lost on mountain bikin’. Different wheels roll across the same landscape. Each individual experiences the trail in their own, unique way. Wouldn’t it be a silly thought to trash the trail?