First Flowers of the 09 Season

First Flowers003.jpg (3340543 bytes)

Mustard blooms in the Napa Valley

First Flowers006.jpg (3579440 bytes)

Toyon berries festoon the trail

First Flowers007.jpg (3231656 bytes)

Manzanita blooms carpet the ground

First Flowers008.jpg (1629740 bytes)

Tender blossoms herald the new season

First Flowers010.jpg (4530205 bytes)

Miss Swift enjoys the beauty

First Flowers012.jpg (3950166 bytes)

Kickin' it at the "corp yard"

First Flowers013.jpg (2693199 bytes)

High resin content in old fir wood makes a good fire starter

First Flowers018.jpg (2926839 bytes)

A warm campfire to end the day