Fuzzy's Back Yard


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Sweet start to the ride


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Series of switchbacks scale the steep terrain


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Trio breaks at bench

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No shortage of switchbacks

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A.D. liking the scenery, "Humm, is that a marina down there?"

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The Freeway through China Camp

FBY35.JPG (924276 bytes)

Lisa rolls past huge exposure

FBY39.JPG (1178525 bytes)

Seven hours later for Lisa

FBY43.JPG (1592721 bytes)

View of Diablo from the Nike site

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Happy bikin' fools

FBY46.JPG (1507971 bytes)

Frank Lloyd Wright was here

FBY47.JPG (1606815 bytes)

There's a trail in them-thar hills

FBY48.JPG (901841 bytes)

View not far from Fuzzy's deck