The Bikin' Fools





Five adventuresome Lunatistas volunteered for the second August ’03 moonride. The real challenge was to endure overwhelming amounts of fun, scintillating single track and moonlight visions that stretched the limits of the pleasure zone. With several regulars unable to attend, the burden of pleasure fell upon Sean, Eric, Austin, Auriah and Lindsey.

With the exception of Sean (Large), all of the attendees had missed the previous water crossing at Lake Sonoma. The water temperature for the year is highest in August making it an ideal time for the night swim.

It was precision timing as the components of the ride all met at the parking lot at virtually the same time. A swift car shuffle placed the riders on the southeast end of the lake. The view of the Warm Springs end of the lake is spectacular with Bummer Peak standing over the waters below. The ride started fast and furious. The first mile of the ride is all downhill. The single track sweeps and falls smoothly through the woods. Too soon the riders collected at the bottom and crossed the stream feeding the lake. Then the crew set about to shred the hilly land towards the crossing point. There was a required stop at the Island View lookout. Again, the view of the scenery was outstanding.

It was at this point when Lindsey became possessed by forces beyond normal. He simply out distanced the entire pack. At one point the other four gathered to discuss if Linz might actually be behind everyone.

"Where’s Linz?"


"He is ahead, isn’t he?"


"I thought I was the last one."


This was unusual since Linz usually doesn’t set such a blistering pace. However the turnoff to the launch point was rapidly approaching and it was hoped that he would wait for the rest of the crew. When the point came and passed, the group had to go as fast as possible in order to catch up. It took a while to catch the fleeting biker. But all was not lost. This section of the terrain contains the nicest, most pleasant riding along the lake. It was a bonus offering of fun riding. Once Linz was turned around the crew got to ride back on the pleasant path. The timing could not have been better. The extra riding allowed the sun to set and the stage was set for another flotilla of bikin’ madness.

The descent from the trail to the water was steep enough that no one considered trying to ride, except Austin. He fared amazingly well, but ultimately proved it not rideable with a cool over-the-bars shoulder roll. Minor damage did not stop the event. The five gathered at water’s edge and prepared the rafts for the crossing. This time it was decided to utilize the mass-barge method of floating the bikes. Several rafts together seemed more stabile than each bike on an individual floatee.

By this time the sun was long gone and the moon had not yet arrived. It was very dark as the lunatistas shoved off from the shore. Slowly the crew, except Linz, navigated the dark waters towards the further shore. Lindsey had selected the flipper option and towed one of the two rafts like a tug boat. Three others pushed and pulled the other raft. Somewhere near the other shore a strange voice called in the water; "Help (gargle, gargle), I can’t swim." What must have sounded like an emergency was met with laughter. Campers on the shore had to be seriously wondering what was going on. One boat passed in the dark close enough to ask; "How’s the fishing?"

On the other side the swimmers climbed ashore and began preparations for a fire. There was ample Oak wood from a nearby fallen tree. A few branches provided a blazing fire to cook the evenings food offering. As the fire came to life the eastern horizon became brighter. The moon was about to burst into the night sky. Although there was some confusion whether the ride would contain a dining option, none-the-less ample food appeared to titillate the culinary senses of the now hungry bikers. Beer flowed freely while the liberated lunatistas celebrated the rare and precious moment of being in the free zone. A zone removed from life’s normal crush of distractions and fabrications. The natural setting, the exercise, the biking and the camaraderie raised the level of enjoyment to the top of the funnometer.

A few wispy clouds delicately laced the bright orb as she rose majestically into the heavens. Mars stood prominently to her side. The sight was other-worldly. La Luna herself was a thing of beauty and adding to the sight sensation was a veil of magical patterns shimmering on the water. There was an uncontrollable tendency to howl at the moon, to join with all the freed creatures to celebrate the ascendancy of fun, of joy and of the great escape.

Eventually the hour grew late. Lindsey took a quick power nap to divine strength from the ‘other side’. He would catch a flight at 4:30 in the morning to a work situation that likely contained some fuzzy logic. The crew found the single track leading up the hill and biked the path towards Bummer Peak. The moon was in a good position to light the way. The climb up the hill was particularly tedious since the incursion of a bulldozer had made the earth like powder. A steep, but rideable hill was now strictly walking material. At the top of Bummer Peak the bikers stopped again to rest and take in the beautiful night scenery. Mt. St. Helena stood in the distance watching over a great expanse of northern California.

The ride drew to a close as the five worked their way down the trail to the parking lot. A quick car shuffle ended the event. The five riders closed the chapter on a notable moonride. The lady of the night had shared with the lunatistas one of life’s greatest gifts, an evening of joy and friendship.