The Great Ski Race

30 kilometer cross country ski extravaganza


    The 29th annual Great Ski Race took place on March 6th, 2005. The weather cooperated with a nearly perfect day. The course was cool and quick. Over 1000 enthusiastic skiers made the call to ski from Tahoe City to Truckee. Six waves of strong, fit skiers hit the trail and climbed nearly 1500 feet before leveling and then descending to Truckee. The winning time was 1:07, averaging nearly 15 miles per hour! It took nearly as long to drive from the start of the event to the finish. Hundreds of supporters, friends and family cheered the efforts of the participants. Skiers from 10 to 60 made the huge effort to ski their way to a generous portion of glory in this magnificent alpine setting. The Great Race is truly one of the premier events of the winter sports season.

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The Toga Ladies shredding in formation across the finish

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The courage to face great danger and lose

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Dennis (soccer pro) finnishes near the top


134_3411.JPG (184103 bytes)

Austin rips across his first finish 1:43

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One of many sketchy finishes

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A herioc parental effort


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Food, fun, festivity and commaraderie ruled the day