The Bikin' Fools



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Kelly, here’s the deal...                                                                                          Sunday, May 19, 2002

When I first contemplated buying a mountain bike, it took weeks of mental wrangling to justify the expenditure. It is a tougher call when one already has a perfectly good mt. bike.

Then, over the years I experienced a procession of bikes, each one slightly better. Finally I took the ultimate financial plunge by blowing nearly 3500.00 dollars on my current Super Light. To nearly anyone who isn’t in my shoes, this humongus outlay of very valuable resource seems loony at best.

Ultimately in this life, the one item that carries the most high value is your health and well being. The bicycle has a unique ability to combine technology with exercise which brings the participant into a zone of pleasure, success and burly good health. Good health is the solid platform from which we can successfully live out the rest of our play, our drama.

If the bike will in any way help you to get out more (and it will), then the purchase carries some clout. You can get by with your current machine. In fact you can thrive with it. The question is simply one of fine tuning your existence. The bike is a "big ticket" item. This is something that will be with you for a long time. It is a piece of equipment that you will develop a relationship. Like a pet, it will always be there, always willing and always appreciative of any attention.

Personally I think the full suspension is totally worth it. It will allow you to ride faster with greater safety and it will provide much more comfort and ease on the body. You will have more fun. You will get better, you will ride more and you will become more awesomely fit.


P.S. Go for disc brakes, they are so, so much better...