Kinetic 05

The Bikin' Fools Go Camping

Work has begun on this year's journey to glory. Much of last years chassis will be used with some major changes. The plan will have four pedaling stations, one slacker position in front.

There will be a fire pit at the front of the tent, complete with a functioning cook stove. This will be the source of our best bribes; SMORS, hot dogs, hot chocolate, coffee, and tea.

136_3605.JPG (893779 bytes)

Proven platform provides the forum

135_3571.JPG (576507 bytes)

Lucy ponders the chaos


136_3609.JPG (852238 bytes)

The rolling campground begins to take form. Camo skirting will extend to the ground


136_3608.JPG (742626 bytes)

Shawn pedals toward glory

139_3936.JPG (727357 bytes)

Megan treats the workers to a picnic lunch



139_3978.JPG (326713 bytes)

Miss Swift ready to race

140_4043.JPG (977131 bytes)

Rainy day? Not a problem!

140_4071.JPG (1565728 bytes)

Kinetic wheels take shape

140_4093.JPG (137016 bytes)

Photoshop takes over

140_4082.JPG (2439487 bytes)

First Training Run

141_4194.JPG (544872 bytes)

New wheels make the rig

142_4216.JPG (864007 bytes)

Cruisin' the barrio

142_4227.JPG (900972 bytes)

Crowd admires the Kinetic Campsite

Neptune idler.jpg (141826 bytes)

Neptune tensioner detail

Paddle wheels.jpg (124253 bytes)

Paddle fins and slacker shield in place