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Auriah steals the water show


Auriah Rockin' on the river

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Bikin' Fools readiness team: 'Ahh, weren't we supposed to do this last week?"

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The Red Rocket w/solar assist; Cleared For Launch

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No shortage of laughs from the Department of Spontaneous Combustion

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It could work!

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The mayhem begins

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No shortage of art to judge

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The Tall Bike Brigade

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Is it my imagination or is the wheel creeping off the axle?

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Disaster strikes the bikin' fools early

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Strategy session for the beach run

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The traditional Fifi gathering

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Bikin' Fools cruise leisurely along the beach

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Spontaneous party at Shawn's mobile brewpub


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Will it float???

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Auriah seconds after winning the "Glorious Flipper Award"

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Rainbow kayak dude helps move the disaster along

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Safety break on the way to Crab Park

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The Glorious Kinetic Chicken awaits the approaching outta-control party

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A Glorious Sunset (of course)

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The inferno liberates the Kinetic Spirit

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No shortage of creativity at the Drum Roll camp

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Linz, no stranger to fashion

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Morning-after vision