The Bikin' Fools



The mid-winter funk


In the darkest time of the year the energy recedes into the dark and deep folds of living. This year particularly has been one of trouble. The winter has been wet and sunless, a hazard for those who require solar energy for well-being. It makes the biking habit much more difficult to maintain. As a parallel, other parts of life become difficult to maintain. The lower energy levels, the fears current with today’s problems and the weather conspire to herd weakened souls into the corral of despair.

For myself, it has been a period of lowered expectations, disappointment and the inability to make good choices from life’s menu of events. The "O’ well, its raining..." attitude has led to a slower life, though the days keep flying by. It becomes a greater challenge to get the bike out and ride the thing. Yet, as always, when I can make that connection, the ride provides all of the missing elements in my life. It provides energy, clarity and the juice to face the next set of challenges.

My apologies to those bikers who haven’t seen the action that we are used to. It remains winter and the struggle to act like it was summer is intense. Maybe I will find the middle road, the road of the zen biker dude who goes easily through the seasons, appreciating all that each season has to offer. It is difficult to appreciate the dark side of life, yet without it there would be no light. The two go hand in hand.

The darkest day of the year is past. The light is now returning and hopeful times are ahead. In a way, one of the big hurtles of the season has been passed. Now the energy will be renewing, the time will accelerate and the coming year will erase the current funk that I experience. By the time you read this, it will be time to take the bike out and shred. To ride is to extend the funnometer to heights not normally accessable.

So my resolution (on a daily basis) is to pick my spirit off the ground, get back on life and spin the pedals again. After all, it is in the venue of cycling that joy responds. On the other side of the heavy breathing is all the goodness that life offers.

Ride Hard.