The making of the Bikin' Fools Kinetic 09

early001.jpg (3127803 bytes)

Beginning of the Need Name

First idea004.jpg (2446692 bytes)

Add some more stuff

early002.jpg (2764681 bytes)

Humm, wonder if this could work?

IMG_0768.jpg (2753818 bytes)

Phil politely says nice things about the pile of scraps

IMG_0770.jpg (2833923 bytes)

Now too big for the "shop"

2-6-09C.jpg (3045364 bytes)

Beginning to roll

IMG_1034.jpg (3797556 bytes)

Copious amounts of JB weld and a dough dam make the granny gear

Float 4.jpg (5209674 bytes)

Recycled foam could float the 'double N' (Need Name)

Float 3.jpg (4712958 bytes)

Float carrier in place

SteeringI.jpg (2123126 bytes)

Steering lever in place

steeringII.jpg (2401027 bytes)

Weed whipper cord for steering and an unreachable brake lever (looming disaster?)

Eric and Dave in Ferndale.jpg (164100 bytes)

The race

Eric and Dave in Ferndale.jpg (164100 bytes)

The End