Oat Hill Light

Serial #100


This ride came on the heels of the 2004 Kinetic Sculpture Race. Within 48 hours of the phenomenally intense weekend, the Bikin’ Fools gathered to honor the special night of the month when the moon rises full and beaming with magical lumens. Although the spirit was willing, the thoroughly thrashed bodies hesitated to go big choosing to take a token ride to the Sweat Lodge, the shortest loop available on the Oat. Only Sean and Matt were prepared to extend the ride.

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Belle ever eager to run with the pack

Mike, Lindsey, Shawn, Eric and Belle met at Dr. J’s shop. Matt and Sean joined shortly. After several rounds of preparations for the ride the group headed out of Calistoga along Highway 29 to the trailhead at the Oat Hill Mine Road. Linz was riding the Huffy once again. His deft on the machine was becoming legendary. Shortly after the beginning, Sean experienced a flat. There was not a problem in stopping. The tire was eventually fixed and the crew proceeded. Linz experienced a hearty chain suck and was delayed for several minutes. Eventually the group made it to the lower camp area. There was a large log that provided bench room for the entire group. A pleasant break was taken as the grand orb in the east began to make her appearance.

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Lunatistas take a break

Despite the low energy of the crew, the night was not wasted. The lovely moon infused the group with the unique energy that exists in the special venue. It was a fine way to transition back to normality after the weekend of chaos. The six traveled up the hill to the Sweat Lodge. This spot offered an excellent view of the valley now illuminated by the rising moon. Another extensive break was taken. When it became time to move on, Matt and Sean elected to continue up the hill. They were set for a bigger adventure and proceeded to head towards a Pickett loop. They would carry the burden of a significant ride into the history books. This ride was the 100th moonride that has been documented.

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Sean follows Matt to further glory

The descent from the Sweat Lodge was steep and quick. Within minutes the four were back in town. It was a token effort, but a significant one. The core Lunatistas with a couple of exceptions, had contacted the lunar zone again, though briefly. There was no shortage of adventure in this cycle of the moon.

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Linz one-hands the weighty Huffy