152_5264.JPG (829105 bytes)             152_5265.JPG (1149685 bytes)

                                          Breakfast at Granny's                                                                                     Granny's breakfast spot

152_5267.JPG (791808 bytes)              152_5274.JPG (577374 bytes)

                                 Cruisin' along Lake Cresent                                                                                                  Into the rain

152_5277.JPG (747438 bytes)               152_5282.JPG (1123252 bytes)

                                                       Fueling up                                                                                         Calmpsite at Kalaloch

152_5284.JPG (467023 bytes)              152_5293.JPG (559657 bytes)

                                                 Sunset at Kalaloch                                                                                      The flame that warms the tea

152_5295.JPG (571785 bytes)               153_5302.JPG (544132 bytes)

                               Ocean view at Kalaloch restaurant                                                                Heading out from the Humptulips store

153_5303.JPG (920804 bytes)                   153_5305.JPG (839136 bytes)

                                        Touring with little traffic                                                                                                 Pat's new friend

153_5308.JPG (1191561 bytes)                     153_5315.JPG (779701 bytes)

                                            Lake Sylvia campsite                                                                                 About eighty miles worth of pancakes

153_5331.JPG (764475 bytes)                    153_5332.JPG (616405 bytes)

                               Tunnel near the Astoria bridge                                                                                     Gets noisy in here