Photo Essay

123_2347.JPG (293793 bytes)

The beginning of the transformation


125_2512.JPG (307764 bytes)

Rear seats removed and pedaling stations installed. Neptune drive visible between stations.


125_2511.JPG (480005 bytes)

Pluto drive hooked to Subie transmission


124_2485.JPG (356807 bytes)

"On Vacation" rolls out of the shop


124_2488.JPG (226258 bytes)

Looks like a green light for the Bikin' Fools


124_2494.JPG (333504 bytes)

First successful test ride to the brew pub


125_2543.JPG (392973 bytes)

Massive amount of floatation stuffed in every nook and cranny


125_2561.JPG (213735 bytes)

First float


125_2593.JPG (279700 bytes)

Final float configuration


125_2580.JPG (173710 bytes)

Neptune drive, early setup


125_2577.JPG (301853 bytes)

On the road to Glory


126_2650.JPG (243290 bytes)

Headed north


126_2681.JPG (335328 bytes)

Crowd admires the bizarre concept


126_2677.JPG (321625 bytes)

Red Rocket streaks toward judges stand


126_2682.JPG (252885 bytes)

Sparky on hand to add to the nuttyness


126_2685.JPG (215039 bytes)

The race under way


127_2702.JPG (286177 bytes)

Nearly lost at sea



127_2719.JPG (205641 bytes)

Across the dunes

bikin wave lo-res.JPG (1410151 bytes)

Full throttle towards the promised land


127_2746.JPG (246034 bytes)

Making steerage to checkpoint

Bon Voyage.JPG (1056597 bytes)

Bon Voyage