The Bikin' Fools

The Ramblin' Here and Now

The Ramblin’ Pages have languished in the doldrums as several months of life has rocketed past. There seem to be those times when things go in fast forward. It is not for lack of matter to write about, just the lack of time. Priorities constantly get realigned.

Many very notable rides have transpired since the last offering. Much has happened in the public domain that creates spikes in my attention, not the least of which is our Gov’s insistence on going to war. During the last Gulf war I found myself an emotional wreck, knowing of the vast suffering on account of the predominating greed that drives such policy.

However, I think I will address only the antidote for such turmoil during this war, at least for now. The Magic elixir that makes things OK is, of course, mt. bikin’. Like the Ramblin’ Pages, it is often difficult to get started. But if one can get out with some regularity, then that soul gets to enjoy the blessings of the sport. One is able to tap into the vast resource of nature, endorphins and a peaceful mind. It may take a long ride, it may happen in an instant.

What is most important all the way through is our ability to stay focused in the moment. Not easy. Cycling can help trigger our return to the here/now if only for a brief visit. But in that occurrence one is able to see that we are among the blessed few who have life so good that we should be whipped for ever complaining. If you are wealthy enough to own even the flakiest mt. bike out there, you are better off than 90 per cent of the world’s population. If you are not yet happy and desire a Cadillac Escalade then you should be summarily sanctioned for sheer stupidity.

Trust me, we have it good. Others do not. Go ride and pray for peace. Pray that others may someday get to own a mt. bike and experience the transcendence that can occur on the trail. Pray that humankind will not self destruct.

If you ride you favorite trail enough times there will occur a ride such as the one I had today. It was a quick dash, nothing special. Yet there arose in my being a sense of joy that few ever get to experience. It is fleeting, It is momentary. It is a real slice of life, one that happens only in the here and now. It can make you feel immense gratitude just to be alive. If enough people can tap into such benediction, the world will change with us, including the goons in Washington. Ride for life…