(Spontaneous Bike Ride)

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Monday the 21st of November was a day of uncommon warmth and sunshine. It was a day ideal for a bike ride. The confluence of several factors greased the wheels for five bikin’ fools to undertake a simple, short maintenance ride. Lucy was in town, Morgan and Cirrus twisted the arm of their employer for early release and Austin had not yet been called to duty at the ski slopes. Eric is always willing to shed the constraints of a responsible life and go for a ride. The Rollers loop was selected for the mission of soaking up the bounty of the extended “Indian summer”.

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It was a family affair with the Castles, Morgan and Lucy and the Striedieck crew of Austin, Cirrus and Eric. The five convened at the trailhead and powered up the trail. Lucy made the guys beg for mercy as she hammered the single track. The five turned at the Rollers junction and rocketed to the Canaba Knoll. They relaxed in the warm afternoon sun and soaked up the serene beauty of the season. Despite all the damage done by the booze industry in the Napa Valley, the one redeeming quality is seen each fall when the grape leaves turn to scintillating autumn colors

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