Posted on 6-24-09, a little after the season, but the message is pretty much the same
Seasonal Missive

    I'm not sure that the universe is ready for this. In my first attempt to scribble something, Tanya managed to unplug the computer in mid paragraph. This was not done in with ill will, but in an attempt to plug in the vacuum cleaner. It may have been the hand of an invisible force that could see no good outcome with Eric tapping away at the keyboard.
    I have forever departed fiom the commercial, bogus greed-a-thon that many in the Western world call Christmas. Even the most superficial glance at the life (if he really did exist) of this guy (who never had a girl friend) ((have to wonder about that)) will yield insight into his attitude towards, for one, the money changers. The myrrh and incense thing, in actuality probably referred to booze and marijuana, both of which have been around for thousands of years.
It is an appropriate time of the year to stay mildly inebriated and out of touch with reality. It is the dark time of year, the time when outward signs of life recede to the darkness underground. The energy is hidden. It is there, but it is an inward journey, gathering strength for the coming spring. The solstice is the end and the beginning, the Alpha and the Omega. It signals a complete lap around the sun. It is the time to briefly reflect on the passed months and to look to the fliture. It is a time to be anywhere but here and now, the weather for one is typically lousy. Two the Yule season is the biggest creator of misery since the invention of torture. It is torture to many who either cannot afford the ridiculous spending spree or who those who simply cannot get on board with the pathetic myth that abruptly ceases on Dec. 26th, brother Fred's birthday.
    Plus the inventors of the myth blew the date. For many millennia the celebration was oriented around the winter solstice, the time when the light begins to return. The lengthening days herald the return of hope for the new season and the fruits that come when the days are long and warm. Perhaps it was a celebration because the ancient people simply didn't know if the days might continue to darken until there was no light at all. Imagine the happiness that life would continue. That is worth celebrating.
    The joy of the season really begins on Dec. 26th It signals the end of temporary insanity and a groggy awakening to the fact that yes, there is life beyond the Christmas tree, though badly crippled by the corporate offensive that raids so many people of not only their money, but of their sanity. Slowly, like a bad hangover people begin to claw back to the boring reality that we already have what we need for happiness, and that we mostly blew it on this fraudulent Hallmark moment