The Bikin' Fools


Serial #1


Monday, November 19, 2001


This is the first in a series of pages, written daily on the subject of LIFE, as seen through the lens of a mountain biker.

This fall has been unique, as was the fall of 1963. In that year, our country took another turn for the worse. It was this month of that year when JFK was murdered by dark forces. Those same dark forces have now risen again to the surface of our lives in the form of this pathetic "War on Terrorism", waged by the pinheads in Washington.

I should add a disclaimer of sorts. Government in the U.S. has historically been a disaster. Although the template for democracy seems viable and somewhat clever, the system has long ago been abducted by those of great wealth and hence power. It is a shame that humankind has come equipped with the ‘greed’ gene. This tendency has altered the world in a sad way.

In the din of this modern living, few find a venue to observe this life objectively. We are all too caught up in the minutia of this material world. We seem concerned about SUV’s, and show no detectable amount of intelligence towards the most fundamental issues that face the world. We have polluted, trashed and consumed our way through a cornucopia of wealth given us by Nature. Narrow thinking that borders on insanity has promoted a variety of activities in our culture that are not sustainable. We continue to drive gas-guzzlers and build opulent castles where two people rattle around, lonely, bored and disconnected. Meanwhile, the others (have-nots) grovel and scramble to barely make ends meet.

What is wrong with this picture? We have been programmed to believe that our ‘system’ is the best in the world. America is the only Super Power. Yea! Right-on. Wave that flag!!! Unfortunately, America is rotten to the core. We have been duped with mind numbing television and an insatiable appetite for material crap. A recent study shows that a person watching TV expends less energy than one doing nothing. What does this say? It says that TV sucks energy out of the viewer, leaving the couch spud brain dead and physically weak and fat.

For far too long we have rested on our laurels in the victory of WWII. We have not kept an ear to the ground. We have not heard the thundering arrival of such evil people as the Bush cabal. Far too much interest and energy has gone into shining the Chevy, and not keeping an eye on our community. We have allowed avarice to rule the day. Such thinking promotes the dissolution of friendships, family and community. We have lost the golden thread that connects us with joy, meaning and true wealth.

What does this have to do with bicycling? The next issue will begin to cover this colossal issue. But in the meantime, there exists a combination of ingredients associated with the sport of cycling that brings insight, understanding and remedial opportunities to the table. Meanwhile, at the risk of a lowered quality of life, do not miss the chance to ride. The Harley Davidson people got only one thing right, their slogan: Ride to live, live to ride. Peace.