Spirit of Carlos

Divining the wheeled spirits from the misty fringe.


Cousin CHUck (Carlos) is a special member of the clan. He is the guy who eschewed the standard call to duty and devoted his life to art, living truth and stretching the edge of reality. Normally he lives elsewhere, but on the full moon of December he was visiting the territory of the bikin’ fools. An accomplished biker, he would join part of the evening’s crew for a sortie into the unique realm of the mystical lady of the night.

Nine people volunteered for two missions. The dominate plan was to go to the coast, but four crewmembers mutinied for a variety of reasons. Mike, Lindsey, Dr. Die, Morgan, Azul and Alfredo bravely hung in for the more burly coastline/redwood event. Eric, Carlos, Ryan and Jim K. opted for a more tame ride up Mt. St. Helena.

100_0037.JPG (1161249 bytes)

Crew contemplates plans

The coastal commission reported a successful mission. The ordinance officer was able to launch the required pyrotechnics without problem. Azul managed to stick around despite his fierce aversion to things that go “BOOM” in the night. Morgan would pay fun tax with a classic stack on the boardwalk. However it was Alfredo who stole the spotlight by choosing the least opportune time to high side on the trail. The resulting downward plunge put Alfredo up to his chin strap in a semi-liquid pool of concentrated cow funk.

Alfredomud.bmp (9437238 bytes)

Alfredo takes a mud bath

The coast riders were able to navigate the tricky, dark redwoods without losing anyone. They managed to start a fire and feast on an assortment of treats before packing up the show and taking the long drive home.

The alternative ride of Jim, Ryan, Carlos and Eric drove to RLS. They trekked up the dark single track to Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson’s old cabin site. Most of the section is rideable, but from there to the fire road is hike-a-bike. Once established on the fire road, Carlos shredded with the enthusiasm of a rookie on a mission. The evening was nearly perfect, albeit cold. The atmosphere was slightly misty in the valley regions, but crystal clear at the higher altitudes on the mountain.

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Ryan macks on a burrito

The four rode to Bubble Rock and took a small break. They discussed the options and decided to press on. At Peregrine point they took another break at the top of the Bear, another popular climbing rock. They found a comfortable nook out of the wind and ate some food, drank beer and lounged for an extended period of time. At some point the four decided they had met the requirement for a moonride and headed downhill. Carlos riding the ancient Nishiki stacked only once. He bravely jumped back on the bike and made the rest of the trip without scaring his guardian angle.

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Carlos connecting with the cosmos

The winter moon was special. It was in a 96 year cycle that placed the moon much higher in the sky due to anomalies in its ecliptic. The most brilliant moon of the year comes at the time of the least sunlight. It is the confluence of special energies that create a profound sense of winter, of the dark time of year. It is a time when the mystical qualities of life dwell just below the surface of our lives in the ordinary world. It was a fitting time for Carlos to visit, to help channel the special energy of the rare time. His presence illuminated the sublime and ethereal qualities of life. La Luna shined her brightest light on the two packs providing the lunatistas, once again, an audience with the extra ordinary.