TNR becomes FMBR


There was no moon to be seen on our ride last night, but we made up for it with the grace and beauty of six female riders.  In the TNR tradition, we used lights, and it certainly seemed appropriate.  We rode from Karen's house (near the Marin Civic Center) in a drizzle up Bayview trail to the Nike missile site, where Russell lit up part of a fire log and various substances were abused.  Fuzzy looked around for the moon, or even a little glow from behind the clouds, but could not find any.

We descended in a more steady rain on the 7-11 trail, which is a moderately technical descent.  I don't think that anybody even noticed the rain as the trail was superb.  On the long and twisty part, Fuzzy had one of those moments in which one says to oneself "I wish this would go on forever".

When we got back to Karen's house, somehow the moon made an appearance, as if to say "I've been here all this time watching over you -- thanks for riding."


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