The Bikin' Fools


Towards a more sustainable world


As the bombs fall in Afghanistan, Americans go about their lives in seeming peace. Yet, we pay a huge price that may not be obvious. It is a disconnect to think that we can create so much damage in the world and not be affected by these actions. The truth is that all people, all living things are connected. Try as we might, we cannot distance ourselves from our actions.

Although we don’t have the physical devastation that occurs on the other side of the planet, we do have the moral, the psychological and the psychic impacts of the military actions. The environment that allows murder in our names is created by a sense that we alone deserve to have gluttonous wealth well beyond anything that affords a healthy life. It is in the excess that the problem exists. One really needs to take a long hard look at the reality of our actions .

A major chunk of well being is in our relationships. One can amass a mountain of shiny objects, such as SUV’s and homes that border on being castles. Without the human element all material wealth remains hollow. We have come to worship the material world (just look about you) while eschewing the more important elements of community, family and friendships. These are the items that add the real depth and value to living. The material realm is important. Current technologies allow us to live a fantastic life, freed from the constraints that past generations suffered.

However the driving force for our society has become greed. This causes families to compete internally. This unnatural divisive force splits people apart when cooperation would further everyone. It is a misconception that we are ‘rugged individuals’. We are all dependant on others, especially the wealthy. Their wealth comes not from hard work, but from the exploitation of others lower on the power chain. The connection to Afghanistan lies in this concept of greed.

Somehow we have come to the thinking that we are more advanced, better and therefore qualify for all of the world’s material treasure. This linear thinking does not bode well for the big picture. It fails to take into account all of the underlying elements that make this life complex, colorful and dramatic. It fails to take into account the matters of the heart, of the soul and of the spirit. Within these fragile venues are the answers to the problems that defy conquest by money and power alone.

What does this have to do with bicycling? Don’t forget, we and the world are all connected. Whatsoever you do affects others. RIDE YOUR BIKE! In the mode of cycling your energy level is heightened, you spirit is lifted and your soul soars. This simple activity will go a long way to begin the change that desperately needs to occur. Your well being will ripple out and affect others. Ride for peace, ride for life.