The Bikin' Fools


McGuire Magic


Ten Lunatista’s materialized to tweak perception and to tweak massive amounts of fun out of a classic Lake County run. The eight mile ride transformed to a dozen miles worth of mt. bikin’ glory in the luscious lumens of La Luna. Sebastion drove from Portland to add to the bounty of the evening. Michel made an appearance after a long absence due to the summer activities in his life. Single speed Matt, Sean Large, Shawn, Lindsey, Lucy, Eric, Mike and Jim K. made up the crew. The route was discussed up until the time to leave for something.

The barbeque at Eric’s provided a source of food as well as three large pizzas from the brewpub. Beer flowed freely as the crew tuned up for the ride. Shawn suggested a county line run. Lindsey suggested a run to Calistoga. Most agreed that any ride that put the riders back to m-town would save any car shuffle at the end of the evening.

Finally the McGuire peak run was agreed upon and the ten riders and bikes all stuffed into Mike’s van for an interesting trip to the start of the ride. Part of getting lost before arriving at the start was two passes by the CHP dude officiating over a wreck on the mountain. The overstuffed van did not arouse attention. As the van pulled into Jim and Rona’s house, it was obvious that they were not expecting company, let alone ten fire-up bikin’ fools. Jim looked out the window at a vehicle he didn’t recognize. He approached the van with suspicion until he finally got it. It was the monthly moonride. Jim and Rona have seen this phenomenon before. Their house is located at the portal to much of the fool’s favorite range.

The van was parked and the ten riders headed up the paved road towards the ranch and White Point. Near the top of the pavement, a car passed. It didn’t stop and they didn’t seem concerned about the strange appearance of ten bikes in the dark. Shortly all of the riders had exited the pavement and were established on the dirt. At White Point the ride significantly changes. The road becomes rutted and more burly. A vehicle could pass, but with difficulty. The riding became more challenging as the speed potential increased and the lunar effect deepened. Often shadows could not be differentiated from pot holes. The experience was either bracing for a hit that didn’t happen, or getting blamo’d thinking the dark spot was a shadow.

The evening was warm. The air was clear and the moon was especially bright. The crew processed the descent from White Point, passed the mining area then descended to the base of the BLM land and the mega climb to McGuire peak. After McGuire peak the trail descended in pitches towards Middletown. At one point a new gate was installed and a new fence was encountered at a point where one didn’t exist before. The ten riders reveled in the pleasant environment and the bright moonlight.

All of the riders regrouped at the barb wire fence near the highland house. There is some question whether the house is occupied. Rumor has it that the resident wife found it too remote and the fam moved elsewhere. On this night, no one came along during the bikin' fools transit of their drive. A gate scaling put the bikers into a simple no trespass zone as opposed the compound territoritorial violations previously in force. After a raging downhill the group came out into Dead Horse Canyon and rode to the riverbed.

The gang reconvened at Eric’s for more beer, banter and benediction. It was another ride in a decade long series of moon rides that successfully mined magic and joy from the simple combination of the mysterious moon and the mountain bike.


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