The Bikin' Fools



When things fall into place


Trying to have a great bike ride is similar to taking photos. Out of many, a few will be nice. If you are lucky there may be a very nice one in the batch of experiences. Such was the case with my most recent ride. A confluence of simple events, a nice day, good energy and the intervention of magic created an experience that rivals nirvana. The ride was not anything fancy. It was just a visit to a normal setting. But what started out as a maintenance ride, became a stellar experience.

It is interesting how life can jump right into our faces. Days that all resemble each other follow in boring sequence. When least expected, a day dawns bright and clear. The air becomes warm and the sun soaks the spirit with energy. It is these rare days that deliver the experiences that make life in between tolerable. It may take great sacrifice to be available to such alchemy that carries one to these peak experiences. These days are to be stored in memory. When skies are dreary and the energy flags, at least the memory will linger. It may help keep the faith; to know there will be other worthwhile rides in the future. One has to deal with the days that resemble each other. A solid routine (i.e. job/life) will pass the individual though the days, but will not offer the titillating splendor of gloriously slipping the surly bonds of normaldom.

Each time one slips through the invisible barrier of joy that accompanies extreme experiences, that lucky person gets to maintain a slightly higher post in the big scheme of things. History does not allow the sweet treasure chest of great memories to be looted by anyone. They are the sole domain of the doer. (s)

I still haven’t entirely returned from that experience. An experience where everything seemed to go right. The terrain slipped past with such ease it was eerie. I felt comfortable. The relaxed nature of the ride allowed the experience to be savored and appreciated. Few rides can be placed in this category, but we’ve all had them.

I don’t know if there is a moral to this story. Likely not. I do hope that you experience a day soon when things fall into place.