Why things aren’t changing


As we cruise towards another presidential election, the candidates are rife with rhetoric and refuse. In fact most of what one hears on the electronic media (radio, TV) isn’t worth one sheet of toilet tissue, of which thousands would be required to cleanse the badly soiled derriere of western thinking.

Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution and perhaps for centuries beyond that, the human experience has drifted from the natural realm, from the feminine and from the silent, guiding intelligence that is omni-present in out lives. We simply don’t know of these things. These soft, awesome gifts have been exchanged for hardened lumps of coal. The natural treasure that is life has been buried under a mountain of temptations to the reptile brain. Just as a raven will be fascinated by a shiny object, so too will humans. The only difference, perhaps is that we can make an endless procession of the coolest, most interesting and shiny things.

It is all a scam to keep people focused on things while their power is plundered. A sick, ugly theft of life, liberty and happiness. It is the epic struggle between good and bad, power and submission and greed verses giving. For those of idealistic tendencies, forget it. Game over. The great Titanic of Life is listing hard to starboard. It behooves one to not go down with the ship. There are a few life boats out there.

It is all quite simple, yet we do our darnedest to make it neigh unto impossible to successfully navigate the tricky shoals of happiness. But we don’t act alone. We have a whole ship full of conspirators to help facilitate in the demise of our joy. Somehow, we have organized this society to such a point that almost no one thinks it’s working all that well, running on all cylinders. By its very nature, chaos will rule. We can only slightly change the course of events.

As it turns out, virtually the only thing one can really change is themselves. Beyond that, in the political realm, it is little wonder that so many have simply dropped out of the picture. They see that they have no influence with the juggernaut that viciously takes their money, threatens them with torture and jail and goes about its phenomenally corrupt business of murder and terror. Of course that is not the way it is supposed to be. Our form of government was established to provide FOR the people, not enslave them, not steel from them, not terrorize them but to assist that each share in the common wealth.

Not a lot of room left for the idealists. But some. When the veil of deceit is lifted occasionally, it gives one an opportunity to see the extent of the corruption that exists in the political arena. It is more than legal wrong doing. It has much to do with the drifting of the human consciousness from innocence to disastrous madness. In our world we are ruled by the wealthy. To become and stay wealthy requires the adoption of certain values. The preeminent player in the moneyed scenario is unabashed greed. Greed is the leader of the pack followed closely by ego, hubris, deceit, cunning and dishonorable chicanery.

The web we have weaved is so complex as to create despair and distrust. People have been abused so badly that many don’t want to play any more. Unfortunately that leaves more power in the hands of fewer people; the people with all of our money and the attendant values that perpetuates a bad scene.