The current administration in Washington has set new standards for deceit and deception. They have managed to parade through the streets with no clothes, no fear and total impunity to truth, justice, fairness and equality. Their current romp through this Garden of Eden is so difficult to comprehend that most don't. They cannot get it, for in that insight the whole house of cards collapses under the faintest light of awareness. People have simply been intellectually hobbled by the current band of thieves taking not only our money, but all that the Grinch of Christmas also coveted.

It is virtually complete. The goons who have strayed so far from the Garden seem to have immunity to all that is fair, just and humane. The result in part has been that many people of conscience have simply checked out. Voting seems to have little to no effect. Less than half the citizens vote anyway, leaving slightly more than 25 percent of the voters to elect the next monarch to the office of Presidency. We have no real choice. It is painfully obvious that big money controls virtually everything in this nation. It isn't supposed to be that way. So what?

What are you going to do about it? For most, the answer is illusive. There is so much scrambling to just make ends meet that people cannot see any possible changes. The influence of the media has programmed the populace to believe certain things. (Beliefs are generally dangerous) The average Wal Mart shopper buys not only the useless crap at Wally World, but also the crap from the media, pundits and anyone with a megaphone and big stick. There is a way out.

The avenue to freedom is littered with the bodies of many brave souls who simply couldn't swallow the company line. Many people have simply bailed. Many are veterans who have a direct line to the truth about war. They know what the American people don't know, that the government lies like a rug. That the government is more than willing to sacrifice huge numbers of innocent, ill-informed young people for the gains of the already obese corporations. There is some sort of bizarre loyalty to authority. It may be related to our position in the pack. The Alpha dude calls the shots, and the rest of us simply go along...

When one enters the enlightened zone, all of the maladies of the world become more clear. It becomes obvious that humankind is clearly in lemming mode, headed off a cliff. But where is that enlightened zone? Turns out it is with us all the time. It isn't something 'out there' but an inside job. It takes great insight, patience and lazer like focus to find the silver lining in the overcast of grief and dispair. There are as many avenues to the zone as there are people. Yet, there are common pathways to find the freedom at the end of the rainbow. The one I like best is the bicycle. It gets you there faster than walking. Take a ride. Revel in the special moments of  escape when you and the trail conspire to ditch the isles of Wal Mart and dwell momentarily in the Garden.