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Listed below are some recently published reviews of TARA Labs products.
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Decade Series / Stereophile Jonathan Scull summarizes: "A supremely balanced line of cables in all respects. Highest recommendation for music lovers everywhere."
Interview - Matthew Bond / Stereophile Jonathan Scull interviews Matthew Bond on the Zen of cable design.
Prism 1100 & 22 / Hi-Fi Choice Hi-Fi Choice finds Prism 1100 to be a "lesson in the virtues of simplicity" and it earns a "hearty Recommendation". Prism 2200 is awarded 4 stars for both quality and value.
Reference G2 / Audio Adventure Audio Adventure finds the RSC Reference Gen 2 Interconnects and Speaker Cables excel at timing and soundstaging. "...a very well balanced design."
Prism 2200 & Bi-Wire / Fi Dick Olsher declares the Prism 2200 "the best sounding interconnect under $100 a 1m/pair." Prism Bi-wire gets an "enthusiastic thumbs up."
RSC Master Gen 2 / The Audiophile Voice "Without doubt, TARA's RSC Master Generation 2 has to be a contender for the title of best speaker cable available." says Joel Shumer.
Original RSC Master ('93)/ The Audiophile Voice For Russell Novak "The added transparency without brightness, grain, or etchiness" of the original RSC cable "meant no going back."
Vanishing Points / Audio Adventure Myles Astor finds Vanishing Points close to his reference cones at a fraction of the cost.
Klara Speaker Cable / Home Theater Klara was found to be the best cable reviewed. Contributing editor Terry Landry summed up his analysis: "yum".

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