Looking for the Article on Clumping Clay Kitty Litters?

Most people have come to this page because of a link to my article on the potential health hazards of clumping clay kitty litters. That article can be found here:

Clumping Clay Kitty Litters: A Deadly Convenience?

The Lighthouse Online
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All articles for CatMom.com and TheLighthouseOnline.com have been moved. The articles all still exist! I've provided links to some of the most popular ones on this page.

In particular, here is the new location of the cat litter article.

There are thousands of sites that provide links to pages on my Web site. If you are one of them, please update your links as noted below. If you got to this page by clicking on a link, please be so very kind as to notify the Web master of the Web site you clicked on (easiest way: just send this page to them), and then proceed to The Lighthouse Online. Be sure to bookmark the new location of The Lighthouse Online. Thank you very much!

Articles on Cats and Kitty Litter

If you are looking for the article on the possible health hazards of clumping clay kitty litters, or for the other pages, such as on natural alternatives to clumping clay kitty litters, please see these pages:

Articles on Psychics and the Paranormal

If you are looking for the Lighthouse articles, such as on what channeling is, or how to choose a psychic, those articles can be found here:

Please accept my apologies for any inconveniences this move may have caused. Many thanks!

For Web Masters: Updating Your Links

The domains affected by this change are:

To update your links, in most cases, you just need to remove the /marina/ or /~marina/ portion of the URL. You might also need to change the sonic.net portion to thelighthouseonline.com (or Catmom.com if you prefer; the domain name is still valid).

Basically, update the domain name to thelighthouseonline.com, and remove the /marina/ or /~marina/ portion of all URLs.

For example,


should be changed to


Very old links might have a tilde in front of the marina part, like this: http://www.sonic.net/~marina/.... That can be removed too.