New Footing & Stem Wall

Once the barn had been jacked up and the old floor removed, I hand dug a 12-inch wide by 12-inch deep footing under the barn perimeter and also under where I wanted to build a mud room. We tied the rebar in place, framed the foundation with 2x6's, and poured the footing and stem wall.

7-21-04, Old floor completely removed. Note the laser leveler which was used in constructing the foundation forms to assure uniform height of the finished building.

(7-13-04) Digging the new foundation.

(7-13-04) Digging the new foundation.

(7-13-04) Digging the new foundation.

7-22-04, Forming the foundation.

Forms complete, ready for the pour!

Yours truly.

Mud room forms with rebar inside.

Better view of rebar.

The little concrete block ("doby") keeps rebar off the ground so it'll be in middle of footing.

Concrete truck blocks the neighbors driveway. Luckily they were out of town.

The pump truck in neighbors driveway.

All the concrete is pumped 200 feet through this little hose.


Hose and forms.

Amy, keeper of "The Button" which controls flow of concrete.

Steve of Alchemy Construction. He and Amy sneeked off for a couple weeks right after the pour to get married.

Steve and Art from Alchemy, and some guy from Eureka ready Mix, pouring the stem wall.

Pouring a corner. Note the larger footing which is 12 x 12 inches. The stem wall sits on top of this.

Mud room stem wall pour complete and drying.

South stem wall after forms were stripped away. Ready to jack barn down onto new stem wall.

Same from other direction.

Stem wall pour complete, forms stripped away. Cottage will sit like this a couple days then be lowered onto stem wall.

Same as above.

Same as above. The sills in this area were rotten, I have yet to make new ones.

New sills in place and cottage lowered onto pony wall. Here Steve is drilling anchor bolt holes. We decided it was easier to retrofit anchor bolts by drilling and then epoxy rather than cast them into the pony wall. This way we didn't need precision alignment. I was able to lower the cottage down by myself in one afternoon using only one bottle jack. I used a come along tied to the apple tree to pull it a little in the right direction. It was surprisingly easy.