Folsom Lake

Despite the fact that Folsom Lake State Park is near a major metropolitan area, you can find some wonderful seldom travelled trails to bike. This one is on the south side of the lake. Take the El Dorado Hills exit north off of highway 50. Continue approximately 1.2 miles after El Dorado Hills Road crosses Green Valley Road (Note: the road changes name to Salmon Falls Road at this intersection.) The road crosses a small creek on a short bridge. Park on the left side of the road. There is a very wide dirt shoulder. The trail starts here. It is a marked State Park Trail. You have to go west off the road to pick it up. It will roughly parallel the high water shore line of the lake. It is not in the open but rather stays up in the tree line. So it is shady. The trail goes all the way to the Salmon Falls Bridge. This is where the commercial raft outfitters take out the tours that have come down the American River. The trip is 16 miles out and back.

Images of the ride.

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