New Product Generation

Innovation and Creativity
It's official: the name of the game is creativity. "Shrinkage" has been banished from the business vocabulary ( although it still shows up in "Seinfeld" reruns ). The saying today is, "No one ever cut their way to greatness." Instead, for the individual, the team, the company, even the industry -- creativity is the fuel for growth and opportunity.
The Windchill Factor! e-Series
PTC's Web-based Collaboration solutions allow manufacturers to exploit the Web to let customers, partners, suppliers and members of the extended organization collaborate throughout a product's lifecycle. Web-based Collaboration portals offer a complete network of product and process knowledge that can be leveraged as a strategic enterprise asset to drive innovation and expand revenue and market opportunities.
The Role of Senior Management in New Product Development
Senior management plays an enormously important role in the new product development activities of any company. Good product development depends on a well-orchestrated, cooperative interplay between senior managers and cross-functional teams. Each group acts within the framework of a well-constructed product development process in which the respective roles are clearly defined and articulated.
Design for Competitive Advantage
Welcome to the Design for Competitive Advantage Web Site. This was an experiment in real time modular authoring of real time research. The contents are about technologies which provide a competitive advantage in the world marketplace.
New Product Introduction Best Practices
This article includes: The full list of 56 Best Practices, identified but not described. Background information, including: task force process and participating companies
Launching Projects Properly
A busy organization or work team always has more demands upon its time than available resources with which to respond. For this reason, it is important to only sanction a response to those which pass some thresh hold test.

Last Updated: July 28, 2000