Improved Business Results Through Team Learning

  1. Recognize Need (What are the drivers?)
  2. Clarify the Vision. (What are your goals? How measured?)
  3. Identify your key processes.
  4. Identify the barriers to achieving your goals through your key processes. (Variance Analysis)
  5. Eliminate barriers and improve key process performance. (As measured by your metrics).
  6. Ponder how proposed changes will effect the broader and deeper aspects of the organization, people, business and technical system elements. Keep in alignment.
  7. Critique the process and your role in it and continue in an ongoing and cyclical fashion.

What is Team Learning?

Team learning is defined as a team's ongoing, systematic, and systemic activity of continually increasing its ability to create its desired results.

Goal of Team Learning

To create long term improvement through using the systemic discipline of team learning--one that integrates existing approaches and tools while providing a framework for the creation of advanced skills and competencies that can enable teams to develop greater capability over time.


  1. Decision Making.
  2. Communication Efficiency.
  3. Goal Clarity and Visibility.
  4. Norm of Behavior.
  5. Value Congruence and Buy-in.
  6. Resource Allocation.
  7. Conflict Resolution.
  8. Cooperation - Within and Outside Immediate Team.