Winning the Talent Wars: Redefine the Retention Challenge By Bruce Tulgan
Long-term employment relationships that are full-time, on-site, uninterrupted, and exclusive are quickly dying out. But that doesn't mean long-term employment is no longer possible. It simply means that long-term employment must be reinvented. And that means the retention challenge must be redefined. In the new economy, retention means "long-term access to the best work of the best people."
Winning the Talent Wars: Attracting the Talent You Need By Bruce Tulgan,
Recruiting is just like sales - it requires a "sales" message compelling enough to attract a large applicant pool.
Employee Retention
A decreasing workpool is causing the HR profession to develop innovative strategies to retain valuable employees. We will look at the causes of high turnover and some possible solutions.
Laughter and humor in the workplace
Practical information and techniques that can be used immediately to help enhance motivation and team building, improve stress management, promote health and workplace wellness, and increase productivity and morale.


Last Updated: January 11, 2003