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Notes on the Release of the new CD, Blue Eyed Blues:

All songs published by Michael Barclay Music, BMI except: Old Love, Unichappell Music, Inc O/b/O E.C. Music Ltd & Robert Cray Music; Drown in my own Tears, Fort Knox Music, Inc.& Trio Music Company, Inc. licensed by HFA; and Just Can't Quit the Blues, Dogfish Music, ASCAP used by permission. The record was produced, mixed and arranged by Michael Barclay. This record was recorded at a number of studios including: Prairie Sun Studios; Zone Recording; The Doctor's Office; Bedroom Eyes Studio; and Paul Stubblebine Mastering Studio.


1 Give it to me Straight (M. Barclay) 4:55
2 Drown in My own Tears (H. Glover) 4:07
3 Mama's Cadillac (M. Barclay) 4:09
4 Desperate Man (M. Barclay) 4:31
5 Orphan (Somekindablues) (M. Barclay) 3:52
6 A Diary of the Blues (All the Prayin’
in the World) (M. Barclay) 3:22
7 Maintenance Man (M. Barclay, R. Volz) 3:04
8 Old Love (E. Clapton, R. Cray) 5:46
9 Stinky (M. Barclay) 2:51
10 My Pretty Angel (M. Barclay) 3:46
11 Shake it Loose (M. Barclay) 3:45
12 Nylons and Heels (M. Barclay) 3:16
13 Just Can't Quit the blues (L. Levinger) 4:51
14 The Shoe is on the Other Foot (M. Barclay) 4:52
15 NY Blues (M. Barclay) 3:10
16 Who's Stalkin' Who? (M. Barclay) 3:13

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