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Document #2a.Career Development -- Vocational Exploration

Compendiums: Lists of URLs related to Career Development/Vocational Exploration

Career Voyages - Dept. of Labor's career advice/info center
Califronia LaborMarketInfo Career CenterA>
California CareerZone - Resources
The Information Professional's Career Page; links to I.T. career & job sites.
"Jammin' Jobs" Career Resources
Monster.com's connections to a few specific articles of career development interest.
NCDA Links to WWW Resources on Career Development
Sonoma County Job Link - Online One-Stop Job and Career Center

Self-Assessment / Interest Inventories, Job Skills, Personality Types, etc.

"Analyze My Career.com" - Aptitude, personality and career test$ - require$ member$hip
California CareerZone - Self assessment
Campbell Interests & Skills Survey ($)
Communication skills
Cygnet Job Keeping Skills Survey
The Entrepreneur Test - an interactive quiz
Free "Ideal Job" Test - from iVillage
Keirsey Temperament Sorter- Jungian Personality Test
Keirsey Temperament Sorter- from AdvisorTeam (part of it is free)
MAPP - Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential (some free stuff)
Career test$ to define your career path, from "Career Mentoring Institute" - first step is free
Myers-Briggs Typology-Jungian Personality Test
Queendom.com's career tests
Quintessential Careers career exploration tools and resources
Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI)($-suggest read/research first)
Self-Directed Search (SDS)($9.95)(based on John Holland's)
"SkillWindow" - skills analysis ("swuser" will work for both user and password)
(Personality) TypeLogic (definitions)
Typing test (TypingMaster.com)
Test Your Resume Savvy
WorkKeys - job skills assessment

Employment & Business Trends (some charge money for their reports)

Dunn & Bradstreet economic analyses & trends
Fortune's "100 Fastest-Growing Companies"
Thomas Register search of manufacturing companies
The Herman Group's "Trend Alert Archives"
World Future Society (requires membership/ subscription)
Better Business Bureau (for SF & North Coast - might use "Members" link at top to find company)

Labor Market Information (LMI)

Quintessential Careers - "Step-by-Step Guide to Researching Companies"
Sonoma County Economic Development Board Business Confidence Report Summer '05 (pdf)
Sonoma County Economic Development Board Local Economic Report Fall '05 (pdf)
California CareerZone - Industries
The International Salary Calculator: geographic relocation, cost of living, real estate
Jack Chapman on Salary Research
DataMasters (useful data and resources for the IT industries)
2004-05 Occupational Outlook Handbook (check out job-specific"A to Z Index")
BLS Santa Rosa Metro-area Wage Estimates by occupation
California - Labor Market Information (LMI) - new 2005
California - Labor Market Information (LMI) for Employment Development, e.g., occupational guides, training, licenses, etc.
California - Labor Market Information (LMI) for Economic Development, e.g., labor force, industry trends, projections, etc.
Employment Development Dept's Labor Market Information for Sonoma County
"O-NET" Jobs info-database
Bureau of Labor Statistics

Informational Interviewing / Info-Surveys / Networking / Mentoring / "Friends on the Inside"
Creative Job Search/Informational Interviewing (from Minn. State)
"Informational Interview" from Allison Doyle of About.com
"How to Explore Careers Through Informational Interviewing" from JobTrak
"Informational Interviews - A How To Guide" from Monster
"Informational Interview Guide" from the book 'Damn Good Resume'
"Informational Interviewing"
"Informational Interviewing" - an Acrobat article (from the Feds)
*Making friends at Cisco (Ideal! ...but temporarily suspended - If only all employers would do this!)
Mentoring: Find A Mentor
Networking Timeline and Resources (by monster.com)
Networking (by ResuMagic.com) - good resources.
"Networking - Does It Still Work?" - an article by Robin Ryan, career counseling and coaching expert
SRJC/CIS's "On-Line Informational Interview" Project

Career Development On-Line (some charge money!)

Career Advice

*Choosing a Career Counselor (by NCDA -- Natl.Car.Devt.Assn.)
"DISCOVER" - a comprehensive career planning program
ACT's "World of Work Map"
National Employment Counseling Association "NECA" - get direct guidance and learn about certification
"Worklife and Learning" - local workshops and more - Linda Proulx, MA, Nationally Certified Career Counselor
"Dream Weaver Career Consulting" - Margaret Panely - local career counselor/coach
"Pegaphinz" - Sharona - local Certified Career Passion Coach
"YourCareerEngineer" - Glenn - local job search coach
Geary & Associates - local career consulting practice
CareerPerfect - Online Career Planning and Testing
I C F - International Coach Federation
"Careerbabe.com" -- on-line career advising.
"Hard@Work" -- advice for after you get that job you want -- how to KEEP it!

Career Centers

About.com: Jobs and Careers -- also good for actual job search
Biotechnology career center
Campus Career Center (for college students, etc.)
CareerCompany.com -- Patti Wilson's coaching and counseling
Computer Info Center -- for I.T. related careers
JobTrak/USF - Career Center
Monster: Career Center
Parachute.com - providing tools, resources and programs to help people in transition.

Periodicals/Publications about Career Development and Job Search

AskMen.com - career advice articles
Barbara Sher -- author: Wishcraft...
California Careers Info -- career development tools
Career Journal -- from the Wall Street Journal
Electronic Recruiting News
Employment Review
Joyce Lain Kennedy's CAREERS (books & articles)
The New Work News
North Bay Business Journal - as a resource for local economic and labor market trends and news
The Princeton Review's Career compendium
Richard Bolles - author: "What Color is Your Parachute?"
Robin Ryan - author: "60 Seconds and You're Hired!"
The Career Bookstore
Marty Nemko - author/speaker; expert on the subject of vocational education
USNews.com - career related articles
JIST Publishing - lots of tools and info
Weddle's Resources
William Bridges - author of Transitions and Job Shift - lives in Mill Valley!

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