(page last updated: October 2003)

My hope is to provide this web site for the Greenes to help in the preservation and appreciation of their work. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has comments or suggestions about these pages. I may excerpt comments and post them here. Please, also, email me about any errors I may have made so that I can correct them.

We have an oil painting of a monk on an oak frame. We believe the lettering on the back says:
The Greene Shop
Can you shed any light on what we have?
Ann and Jim Mason (Please email us if you have any information)

The family on the new CBS Friday night drama JOAN OF ARCADIA "lives" in what I think is a Greene & Greene. Does anyone have any idea which one it is? ...Tim May (October 2003)

A Request from...
David Dennis ( Would you know where I could obtain some photographs of the Tichenor writing desk? (October 2003)

William J Lawless House
This from Mike Nelson of Huntington Beach, CA: I hate to say it, but my wife's great uncle is the person who purchased the house and incorporated it into the hideous apartment building. Her great Aunt lived there until her death in the late 90's. I have been told that one of the fireplaces and wood ceiling beams remain in the manager's apartment. It is really sad. They were lifelong Sierra Madre residents whose families owned some of the great houses along Sierra Madre Boulevard at the turn of the century, and look what happened. (September 2003)

Aloha from Maui,
You've put together an amazing collection of some of my favorite architects!...thank you very much for all your hard work!...(July 2003)

The comment below about the Tichenor House was written when this page was first created in 1996. Since that time the property has been purchased and the decay has been stemmed. The new owner has added a second story and is working on the property.(May 2003)

I do have one concern and that is the condition of the Tichenor House in Long Beach. Everytime that I am in Southern California I try to drive by and look at it. It seems as if I am watching its gradual decay. I have heard of efforts to try to move it and save it but don't know what is going on. If anyone has any information about this wonderful house's preservation please let me know. Do we need to mount an online Save the Tichenor House campaign? (April 1996)