Dawson Family Genealogydocuments

Wills, Probate, & More

Will of Jacob Downard, 1820

Will of John Dawson, 1841

Entries from the Will Book Index

Entries from the Index to
Fayette's Orphans' Court Records

Land Transactions

Entries from the Grantor Index

Entries from the Grantee Index

Deed William to Jacob Downard,1794

Biographical Sketches

Adam Brown and Neighbors

William Downard

William H. & Taylor N. Dawson

Harrison & John W. Dawson

John W. Dawson (portrait)


James Dawson, 1898

John Sturgeon Dawson, 1908

Harrison Dawson, 1914

Sarah E. (Hays) Dawson, 1917

Hays Dawson, 1928

Mary Gertrude (Clutts) Dawson, 1950

Excerpts from Census & Tax Rolls

1772 Assessment Roll Bedford County

1787 Tax Roll George Township

1790 Census Fayette & surrounding counties

1800 Census Fayette County

1810 Tax Roll George Township

1820 Tax Roll George Township

1821 Tax Roll George Township

1850 Census George Township

1860 Census George Township

1880 Census South Union Township

Death Certificates

John Sturgeon Dawson, d. 1908

Sarah Elizabeth (Hays) Dawson, d. 1917

Hayes (Hopwood Hays) Dawson, d. 1928

Cemetery Records

Oak Grove Cemetery, Uniontown

Jacobs Lutheran Cemetery, Masontown