I cut my digital teeth at O'Reilly & Associates, a technical book publisher, managing the company's online presence (1993-95). This began with their Gopher site (oldtimers will understand). Then, in the autumn of 93, with the help of Brian Wilson, John Labovitz, and Ted Meister, we transitioned all that data to HTML and began publishing it on the World Wide Web. To our surprise and amazement, that effort was voted Best Commercial Website in spring of 94 (as far as I know, this was the first such contest for websites).

My favorite task at O'Reilly was researching and writing about the cover animals for their books' colophons. I learned some fascinating things about the animal kingdom in the process. Le menagerie...

I departed O'Reilly in 95 to begin my career as a freelancer, performing nearly all aspects of website production, from initial conception to traffic analysis. It's been interesting, watching the evolution of the WWW over the years. From humble beginnings, a lot has changed.

You can drop me a line at mk@sonic.net and/or witness my bloggish dabblings at mk.users.sonic.net